Our family in Africa.

Our family in Africa

Our family has a genuine love for Africa. We have travelled in Africa multiple times and are very happy that we have been able to settle down here in Arusha.

Marjolein is involved in projects that support animal welfare and nature conservational. Beside, she helps a local organisation that provides a safe home and education for vulnerable and orphaned children and, another project focusing on micro finance.

We planted over 8,000 trees over the past year.

André Timmer is the host of Arusha Villa. He will take care of our guests in the best way possible. Daytrips and excursions are arranged through him. Our children attend an International School in Arusha and always like to show guests (and particularly their children) around. They love to tell others about their life in Africa and here in Arusha.

Our wonderful villa, located on the outskirts of Arusha, offers you a great starting point for your holiday. You could easily spend a few days at our villa, exploring the immediate vicinity and discovering a different side of Tanzania.


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