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4 December 2018
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12 June 2019
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Plastic free lunch boxes at Arusha Villa

We want to minimize our footprint and contribute to a sustainable environment. Therefore we only use plant- based packing materials for our lunch boxes.  The additional costs for the plant-based packing materials are on us.

At the breakfast table we offer our guests a choice of sandwiches, salads, cookies and cakes and nuts. Our customized lunchboxes also lower the amount of food waste. 

To lower our footprint we also refrain from using plastic water bottles in our hotel. We have filtered drinking water from our own spring. This water is available unlimited in our glass bottles or in refillable bottles the guests bring themselves.

Our amenities like soap and shampoos are offered in refillable bottles. All water is heated by solar panels. We don’t serve red meat and cook with only locally grown vegetables.